Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Story In This Ramadhan

This is the first time I write a blog. I hope all readers are pleased with it. I begin with my sahur time. When the time of sahur, I always have a sahur with a loaf of cream bread because I want to try to save. Why? Because I don't have a job yet and I'm studying at a college in kelantan. In other word, I am far from my family. At home, I enjoy with my food because the food is already serve. When I am far from my family, I have to spend some money for myself. When we're trying to save, we cannot buy or eat a delicious food, because all delicious food are expensive. So, when I just eat a loaf of bread, I will not extravagant. Although I'm always eat a loaf of bread, I eat rice rarely. I eat rice when I buy it or its given by someone. When the time of break fasting, I'm always break fasting at the mosque. This is because break fasting at mosque I would not have to pay and I can get a barakah. It is save money. About tarawih, I always tarawih at mosque because I think its better when I pray it at mosque. After break fasting, I will wait for the time of tarawih. While waiting for it, I will read the al-mathurat. It's good if people read it in morning and evening everyday. That's all. I want write more, but I think its just okay. I'm just tried to write in English only.

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